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LaGrange, Wyoming, is a thriving Western community, with tremendous potential for new business development. A healthy mix of long-standing businesses and budding entrepreneurs prosper in this small town. The Town of LaGrange promotes a positive business climate and is continually working toward enhancing the community for current and future residents. Evidence of this planning is seen in the Community Assessment Report by the Wyoming Rural Development Council.

- Community Assessment Report

LaGrange follow up meeting

The projects listed below are in no particular order, they are the projects that were identified as the most important by the people of LaGrange.

If you would like to join a committee or help in any way contact Town Hall 834-2466.


Additional Grant Projects


The below entities helped fund our projects. We greatly appreciate your support.

1. LHS Window Project - LaGrange will receive $55,944 to replace all exterior windows which will make the LHS more energy efficient. The town of LaGrange with the help of Goshen County Economic Development will be matching $18,056 for a total project cost of $74,000. Funded by the Wyoming Business Council State Energy Office Federal Funds through the ARRA Retrofit Program. Completion scheduled for May 2010. Project Complete

2. Storm Drainage Project - Funded by State Land and Investment Board in the amount of $180,000. These funds will allow the Town of LaGrange to redirect the water flow though town to avoid future flooding. Project completed December 2010.

August 14, 2006 -

3. Walk Path Project funded by Wyoming Department of Transportation –TEAL Grant (read more)

4. Historical Preservation of the High School funded by Wyoming Business Council Community Facilities Program. (read more)

5. North Sewer and Water Project- Funded by the State Land & Investment Board through the Goshen County Consensus Grant Program 2007. The Town has sent the final plans for the construction of the sewer, water and streets north of the railroad tracks to the state. This project will complete sewer, water and roads in the area of land that was platted as part of the original town in the 1930’s. – April 2009 - Plans were approved by the state and construction was completed. Nov. 2009 - The electric/power to the North Section of the original town was installed. The North Sewer and Water Project was completed Nov. 2009.

6. LaGrange will receive $255,000 for the biennium - Funded by the State Land & Investment Board through the Goshen County Consensus Grant Program 2008 The money is earmarked for: $50,000 to purchase a back-up generator for the water wells, $50,000 for electricity to be extended to the north original town blocks, and $155,000 to be used toward the storm drainage project. – Generators are up and running. Electric was completed November 2009. Storm drainage project design was completed Feb 2010.

7. Landfill Project- Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Act are requiring Cities and Towns to evaluate their landfills – currently they have required the town of LaGrange to place FOUR new wells in the towns landfill and are requiring the town to monitor all seven wells in the landfill quarterly at approximately $4,000 every quarter. - The wells have been completed and the state has since informed the town the landfill will be closed by 2011. The town council has decided to raise the landfill & garbage rates due to the upcoming expense to close the landfill.

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